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Phantom Gear Perforated Sniper Veil

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The Black Owl Gear perforated sniper veil is a versatile piece of equipment that has a variety of uses in the field. Primarily designed for use by snipers to help break up their human shape and blend in more effectively to their surroundings, the sniper veil can perform many more tasks. The Black Owl Gear Veil can be worn around the head to help protect the user from the elements, obscure their identity or help them blend in with native populations as well as being able to serve as a sun shade or field expedient shelter. Wear it as a head wrap, shemagh, scarf, bandanna, face wrap, neck guard, and multiple other configurations.


  • Can be worn in a variety of configurations: Headwrap, shemagh, sniper veil or wide variety of other uses
  • Can be used to break up the profile of a rifle or human figure
  • Breathable knit construction provides ventilation for arid environments
  • 71" length can cover most of a person when laying prone
  • Printed camo pattern helps the user blend into a variety of environments
  • Taped edges prevent fraying
Dimensions: 71" x 33"
Color: French Central Europe Pattern
Material: Cotton

Manufacturer: Phantom Gear (Black Owl Gear)