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Emerson Gear Sniper Battle Belt - CB


The Emerson Gear Sniper Utility Belt is a great bit of kit for snipers and those looking to have a lightweight system to carry extra magazines and supplies.

The Sniper Utility belt is designed to fit straight onto a belt, so it cannot be forgotten or easily taken off. The main aim of it is to carry all the supplies you may need in case of an emergency escape and evasion scenario where you’ve had to leave the rest of your gear behind.

It is made from durable 500D Cordura® and will easily cope with the kind of scrapes and wear expected from sniper work. It has at either end buckle closed flaps, with adjustable length. These flaps lead to the large internal storage area, which runs from end to end. This internal storage area gives you the ability to store a large variety of items, such as a basha, waterproofs, supplies, scrim netting and any other items you may need.

Next are the two sideways mounted magazine pouches, these give you easier access, when laying down and are designed to hold up to three M4 style magazines each. They can also be used to hold supplies and have elastic cords that can be adjusted to retain the pouch contents securely.

Finally, there is the zip closed utility pouch at the rear of the belt. This pouch is ideal for keeping medical kit, cleaning equipment or other important equipment stored safely where you can get to it easily.